May 2014


I am honored that you have included us on your site, that is extremely kind. Our listing looks great.

Jack Lighton
President & CEO
Loggerhead Marinelife Center
14200 U.S. Highway One
Juno Beach, FL 33408

May 2014




Brenda Laufer

May 2014


I think this is a great and useful website. We certainly will be using it. I like the name and the logo and the cloud angel. Love the colors specially the bright pink, Great Job Renee!! ;-)


Irma Torregroza

May 2014


What a great idea and contribution to the community! We wish the website a great success.


Xiao Kai Dimmick

July 2014


The website is profoundly impressive.


Sunnie Petric



August 2014


Hello Renee!  I just read your article in the Abacoa Community News and I was so touched by your serving heart and great idea to start your volunteer web site. What a wonderful young woman to provide so many helpful volunteer hours to organizations in need of help. 


Thank you for your efforts and continued success to you! 


Renee Saunders

September 2014


Renee, Thank you for this wonderful website! Such a valuable resource!

The Czaja Family

May 2014

I'm so proud of you for setting up this web site!! It looks amazing! Very bright and very easy to navigate and perfect touches (graphics and quotes)! The beginning of great things from you!

Let me know how I CAN help you with this endeavor.

Best of luck to you and CAN!
Mary Rosenberg

June 2014


This is amazing!!  Renee is obviously a very talented web designer and exemplifies the best IB student! Thank you for sharing. 


Sandra Wesson

Manager-Choice Programs

District IB Coordinator 

School District of Palm Beach County

May 2014


This is a wonderful website! Love the graphics! Your mom and dad must be very proud!

Gretchen Ross

May 2014


It is so great to hear what Renee is doing. I checked out the site. Beautiful idea from a beautiful heart:)


Holly Shaw

August 2014


I appreciate you putting us in your directory.  I also look forward to introducing you to local philanthropic people who will continue to inspire you on your path and achieve your goals! You are truly “one of a kind” from what I see/read. I have worked with teens/kids for 22 years at non-profits….and it all varies on commitment. You have far exceeded the “norm” and should hold your head high and be extremely proud of the person you are in helping not only your fellow classmates in PBC but all of the non-profits in PBC!!  Wow!


Heidi Spirazza

Executive Director

Paws 4 Liberty

8939 Palomino Drive

Lake Worth, FL 33467







Project VIP Shopping Spree: August 2014


Dear Renee,


Thank you again for all you do to bring attention to the plight and needs of our community’s neediest and most vulnerable children. The clothing collected and provided by the Community Angel Network is a huge blessing and is already at work in the lives of children right here in Palm Beach County. What makes Place of Hope special is the partnership we share with those in our community who care deeply and take action on behalf of our many children and youth in daily care. This particular collection drive and donation is super special for us – knowing that the work was spearheaded and accomplished by children and youth who desire to help others!


Thank you again so very very much for choosing the children of Place of Hope! WE appreciate you and the Community Angel Network so much!


Charles L. Bender, III

Founding Executive Director


Place of Hope, Inc.

9078 Isaiah Lane

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418