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Dec 2014


Palm Beach County Food Project: Ongoing

A neighborhood food collection program that is simple and only 6 days per year!


Next Collection Date: December 13th

Did you know...

Palm Beach County is known for its upscale environment and high end food culture, but there is another side to the community, where many residents cannot even afford the most basic food items!


It's Easy To Help!

Step 1: Every two months we will give you a Green Bag, which you keep in your pantry to store the food items you want to donate.


Step 2: Each week, when you go shopping, you buy one extra non-perishable item - something you would like to share with a needy neighbor, like a box of cereal, pasta, or a can of soup. Click to view a list of the most needed items.


Step 3: For the next two months store all additional food items you want to donate in the Green Bag in your pantry and keep adding to your supply.


Step 4: Every other month, on the second Saturday ( Feb., April, June, Aug., Oct. and Dec.), a PBC Food Project volunteer, who lives in your neighborhood, will come to your door and pick up your Green Bag and leave you another one with a thank you card informing you of the next pick up date.


Step 5: Then, the collected food will be delivered to food pantries for immediate distribution. All donated food will stay in Palm Beach County.


*** We could use more Neighborhood Food Coordinators for pick up days. It's EASY...just collect from 10-15 friends & neighbors every other month and bring them to our nearest drop off location.



Have a high school student needing volunteer hours? They can help with the pick ups, unloading, sorting and boxing and get community service hours!


Click Palm Beach County Food Project for more information.











Benefiting Kibblez of Love

Kibblez of Love is a non- profit organization located in Palm Beach County, Florida. They strive to help families in Palm Beach County who are struggling and need help supporting their animals. Kibblez of Love collects food and offers referrals for low cost vet care and sponsor spay/neuter surgeries for their pets. Their goal is to keep pets away from the streets and in the comfort of what they have become to know as their home!


Teens Receive Community Service/Volunteer Hours!!


Help keep pets at home with their loving families and out of shelters. Collect & donate dry and canned food for dogs/cats and receive community service hours for pounds collected. Every pound counts!


Collection Dates: Oct. 20 - Nov. 25


Click Reesie's Pieces of Love for more information



Remi Laufer, Project Manager

Sophomore IB Student at Suncoast High School


















CAN Featured Project: Reesie's Pieces of Love

Oct - Nov 25



About nine years ago, my family adopted Reesie from Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League. She is a very loving and gentle pitbull/lab mix. She has been a wonderful attribute to my family and I know she is forever grateful that we saved her life.


We thank you and appreciate your support of Reesie's Pieces of Love!



The Neighborhood Food Project is a revolutionary way to collect food: It's a donor drive, not a food drive.


Instead of asking for one-time contributions of food, our volunteers (Neighborhood Coordinators) enlist their neighbors to become long-term Food Donors

October 11, 2014

323 Green Bags
4,845 lbs. (over 2 tons of food!)


August 9, 2014

213 Green Bags
3,195 lbs. (that's over 1.5 tons of food!)





Palm Beach County Food Project
Palm Beach County Food Project

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Palm Beach County Food Project
Palm Beach County Food Project

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Palm Beach County Food Project
Palm Beach County Food Project

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Palm Beach County Food Project
Palm Beach County Food Project

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May 2014

Benefiting Place of Hope


Starting May 25th, we will be collecting gently used clothes and accessories for kids ages 5-18. Donated clothing items will be delivered “VIP style” to foster care kids in Palm Beach County. Our goal is to make these kids feel as important and loved as we know they are.


Did you know...

In Palm Beach County, at any given time, there are over 300 children living with foster families and 500 with relative placements. Please spend a little time spring cleaning your closets and help make a difference in someone's life!


Donation collection dates: May 25th - July 25th

Click VIP Shopping Spree for more information.


"Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something."

Max Lucado



Dear Renee,


Thank you again for all you do to bring attention to the plight and needs of our community’s neediest and most vulnerable children. The clothing collected and provided by the Community Angel Network is a huge blessing and is already at work in the lives of children right here in Palm Beach County. What makes Place of Hope special is the partnership we share with those in our community who care deeply and take action on behalf of our many children and youth in daily care. This particular collection drive and donation is super special for us – knowing that the work was spearheaded and accomplished by children and youth who desire to help others!


Thank you again so very very much for choosing the children of Place of Hope! WE appreciate you and the Community Angel Network so much!




Charles L. Bender, III

Founding Executive Director


Place of Hope, Inc.

9078 Isaiah Lane

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418