It Would Be A Waste

To Waste Our Waste

to benefit the Palm Beach County Area


PalmBeachCompost sets out to divert community waste through composting, use said compost as fertilizer in growing organic produce for the less fortunate, and promote community environmentalism, through the aid of student volunteers. We empower students to apply sustainable practices to benefit their communities and enhance their own lives.


Project Dates: February 14th - March 31st  



Every day, the world creates 3.5 million tons of waste, and that number is set to nearly double by 2025



Through volunteering with PalmBeachCompost, you will make a difference in your community. You will learn valuable skills while lessening the environmental impact of your area.


To earn hours for your endeavors with PalmBeachCompost, you will frequently update your service progress with our supervisor(s). Documentation includes pictures, videos, and written summaries of what you accomplish within the given week, what you learn from the experience, and a breakdown of the time you spent on activities supporting this cause. Doing so allows you to obtain MYP, CAS, or general transcript hours.



Three Ways to Participate



If you would like to assist in composting the waste of our community, we will help you find an establishment to work with (and pick up waste from), as well as assist you in obtaining a composting bin. I will teach you how this process works. Basically, you would be picking up waste from a local business, restaurant, or organization on a weekly basis, taking it to your own backyard to compost in your bin. Overtime, the waste, layered with shredded newspaper and/or other paper products with minimal artificial coloring would balance out the food waste in the bins and will form an organic compost fertilizer.



If you would like to grow food for local food shelters, we would be happy to help you get the necessary materials to do so. Composting isn't necessary to gardening with this cause, but by doing so, you'd have the opportunity to consistently supply yourself and others with organic fertilizer. Vegetables can be grown year-round in Florida, if attention is paid to the appropriate times for planting specific varieties. Working with us, you'd be setting up your very own garden at home, wherein you would use the fertilizer to repeatedly enrich your soil. You would obtain soil, wooden planks, starter plants, and watering-related products to be effective in gardening. Over time, you would take pride in your fruits and vegetables. You can provide some to your family and food banks, such as Boca Helping Hands.


Environmental Education

Another important component in making a difference in our community is education on the subject of how we can lessen the harm we do to the environment. By researching online and learning through experiences, you will not only be able to consult them and aid restaurants, businesses, and organizations in making positive change, but you yourself will gain the skills necessary to make your own lifestyle more beneficial to the world around you.



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Project Manager: Daniel Brassloff

Atlantic Community High School Junior


More Info: Student Brochure


"Through our composting service, we aim to reduce waste in our community, allow, restaurants, businesses, and organizations to achieve a "green" or "greener" status, and provide organically grown fruits and vegetables for the less fortunate".  Daniel Brassloff