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Teach older adults how to use apps that make their lives easier and win a $10,000 scholarship!

December 20th - January 20th


The Problem

Using smartphones improves the physical and mental health of older adults, but only 18% of Americans 65+ regularly do.


The Solution

Once they realize how helpful the Internet can be, 70% of older adults use it to better their lives on a daily basis.


Show your an older adult how to download and use 8 or more smartphone apps that can make their day-to-day lives easier.


Chat with an older adult about problems they experience in their daily lives and see if "there's an app for that."



Stuff You Need
  • Smartphone (or tablet)

  • Internet access

  • Older adult

  • Finger

  • GGW Communication Guide


Time and Place

Meet your senior at their home because it's easier to learn new ideas in a familiar setting. If that's not possible, try a coffee shop or library -- any quiet place with Wi-Fi will do!




Reach out to friends or family members, or contact your local assisted living center. Ask about hosting a group class for anyone with tech questions.



Browse Some Apps!

Make sure to hook your students up with some apps that will impact their lives directly (see the FAQ for examples). Note: It'll probs be something other than Candy Crush.

Talk It Out

Have a quick chat about your senior's life. Explain some options, like setting reminders for important things or fitness guides specifically designed for them.

Go Shopping

Browse the app store or check out this list ofhelpful apps for aging adultsto get them started.

Teach the App

Teach a quick lesson on how to use the apps, then have the senior use it themselves. Stand by for questions.

Answer Questions

As the tech expert (tech-spert?), you lead the way! If you don't know an answer to a question, google it (on their smartphone!) together.



Snap a Pic

Snap a smartphone selfie with your senior. Post it to Instagram and Twitter with #GGW2014 so other members can see you two in action!


Stay in Touch

Technology moves in hyper speed...which means there's always more to learn!


Add to Contacts

Make sure to add yourself to your senior's contact list. That way they can shoot you a text or call in case of a question.


Update Software

Anytime you hear of a new update, talk to your older adult through the process. You may have to teach a mini lesson if too many things change.  

Upload your smartphone selfie, and send a new pic for each senior you teach to Each pic you submit gives you another chance to win the scholarship!



What if they don't have a smartphone?

Teach the lesson using your smartphone or tablet, and maybe encourage them to buy one of their own if they're interested. If not, try another Grandparents Gone Wired campaign and show your senior different tech.


What kind of apps should I show them?

You can find suggestions in the Teaching Guide in Stuff You Need. Also, ask your older adult questions about their to needs to see what apps would be most beneficial. Here are some sample questions to help determine what kinds of apps to explore.

  • "Do you need more information on medications you're taking or do you need help keeping track of them?" -- If yes, search the app store for "medicine tracker."

  • "Do you follow the news? Is there a particular network you prefer over others?" -- Search the app store for their favorite networks.

  • "Do you like puzzle games? There are some great puzzle games on smartphones." -- Check out the list of puzzle games on the app store. Come up with your own questions so you can cater the app selection directly to their life. You can also do a quick Internet search for "apps for older adults" for other ideas.

Can we use a tablet instead?

Tablets provide very similar functions to smartphones, just on a much larger screen. This may even be easier for seniors who have a hard time seeing.


Official Rules
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