About CAN

My name is Renee. I am a 20 year old junior at the University of Florida and a Palm Beach County resident. From a young age, I have had a passion for serving the community. In the past seven years, I have dedicated over a thousand hours of my time to community service. Since the creation of Community Angel Network in May of 2014, I have truly accepted community service as an important and fulfilling part of my lifestyle. The idea for this website was conceived when a few friends and I were sitting at lunch, and I listened to them discuss their difficulties in finding places to earn their required community service hours for graduation. What started out as a quick solution to my friends' difficulties has blossomed into something beautiful that I am endlessly proud of. It's so exciting to see that fellow teens are interested in creating their own projects that my website is able to promote. I love to see excitement about volunteerism amongst young students and adults alike. In 2017, I became a brother of Alpha Phi Omega, the nation's largest community service-based fraternity, through which I give back in service to my college, city, state, and nation. I hope to use the skills I learn through my involvement in the fraternity to better serve and attend to the volunteer needs of Palm Beach County. 




The Community Angel Network (CAN) was formed to promote community service among all age groups who want to make a difference in our community. We believe that together, we CAN make a difference.


The CAN mission brings a thoughtful, unique approach to community service; we aren’t just the average food drive. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere of fun and an eye-opening experience to all volunteers by providing a diverse list of volunteer opportunities. Pick something that you're passionate about, and you WILL make a difference.